If you have questions about our 2024 RUM RUNNER TOUR, this is a good place to start to get answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, drop us an email at info@rumrunnertour.com and we'll get back to you!

What’s included with my RUM RUNNER TOUR registration and payment?

- Kindly refer to our “What’s Included” information on our PRICING page. We've also included what’s not included with your RUM RUNNER TOUR payment.

How many Riders will be on the 2024 tour?

- We’re limiting the number of Riders to a max tour capacity of 22 participants.

How can I secure my spot and lock down my participation?

- A tour deposit of $500 will secure your registration for our January 19-26, 2024 Tour. Click here to register!

Can you help with bike rentals if I don’t want to bring my own bike?

- Yes! We’ve partnered with NAPLES CYCLERY to make the rental bike process easy. All rental arrangements and service requests need to be made directly with them. If you're considering a rental bike, please make your reservations early due to high demand. Contact us prior to making your rental reservations as we may be able to provide you with a discount code.

What if I bring my bike with me, can RRT build my bike and transport my bike box?

- Yes! NAPLES CYCLERY can build your bike for a fee. We'll transport your bike box.

What is the RUM RUNNER TOUR payment method?

- We accept all major credit cards on our registration page. You can also make your payment through PayPal.

Where should I book my air reservations to meet up for the start of the 2024 RUM RUNNER TOUR?

- Riders should fly into Fort Myers on January 19 and fly out of Miami on January 26. Some Riders may choose to stay over in The Keys or Miami after the ride and extend over the weekend. Your trip fee covers your ground transportation to Miami from Key West on the morning of January 26th. We can transport Riders back to Fort Myers post-ride, for an additional fee of $100.

How many miles can I expect to ride each day?

- The average daily miles over the six days of riding is about 44.5 miles. The longest day (Key West to Marathon) will be 57 miles. Check out our ITINERARY page to view daily mileage and maps.

What about eBikes . . . Can I ride an ebike on the RUM RUNNER TOUR?

- YES! We allow eBikes and can steer you toward ebike rentals through our Tour partner, NAPLES CYCLERY. All rental arrangements need to be made directly with them.

Are there any refunds if I later decide I can’t participate in the RUM RUNNER TOUR after booking?

- Please refer to our cancellation policy on our PRICING page.

What’s the RUM RUNNER TOUR route? Where can I preview the daily rides before I register?

- Check out our ITINERARY page. Each ride day has been plotted using “Ride with GPS” and you can download daily routes to your own bike’s device.

Can't find what you're looking for? Drop us an email at info@rumrunnertour.com

Frequently Asked Questions... And Answers