So. . . It all began with a road trip - with tiki bars, ocean sunsets, iguanas, conch chowder and Key West barstools. That’s when your RUM RUNNER TOUR hosts decided to map out a lux bike trip in the Florida Keys - and show off the tropical beauty that is America’s Paradise. Next thing - we’ve led 12 knuckleheads and bike geeks on a Keys adventure in February 2021. We followed that up with two more sold-out tours last year. So... let’s do THAT one more time... RUM RUNNER TOUR 2024!

"Rum is the reason pirates never ruled the world." Toby Keith


Pat has been up and down The Florida Keys five times on bikes and he claims to know the best hotels, side activities, hydration stations (tiki bars) and waterfront stops for fresh grilled fish, conch chowder, and Creole cuisine. After 15 years in the bike and event business, Pat brings his extensive knowledge of bicycle tourism and trip planning to bear on creating the RUM RUNNER TOUR and bringing the best of The Florida Keys to a fun-loving pack of 20 adventurous riders.


Bill loves to share adventures and take a peek behind the curtains to make the ordinary more memorable. He has participated in numerous tours like Haute Route, RAGBRAI, and even directed Ride The Rockies in 2022. He owns a five-day tour in Durango Colorado (Colorado’s Ride) and rode the RUM RUNNER exploratory tour in 2021 and fell in love with riding in the Everglades and the Florida Keys. He can’t get enough local history and trains and now both his Colorado tour and Florida tour follow historic and epic train routes. He has traveled all over the world and can sniff out the best places to ride and celebrate the accomplishment and soak in the local vibe. Additionally, he owns a website dedicated to cycling and triathlon content and has appeared on Denver’s ABC affiliate as a contributor to local history.